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Who we are!

Helmex is a leading supplier of takeaway and its complement items for food&drink packaging sector. We export to many countries more than a 100 different products.

In addition to being a traditional supplier, we chose to be a company that produces customized solutions for business partners rather than ordinary packaging. The maximum level of transparency in the services we provide and the order processes of the products we supply has enabled us to gain the trust of our customers in a short time.

We, as Helmex, rather than moving quickly to the order stage, our primary goal has been to decide the right product for our customer. And in this direction, providing fast, quality and timely products and services are among our priorities.

It is our goal to create more intimate and pleasant environment with our customers, rather than establishing a seller and buyer relationship, to achieve more effective results.

We owe this success we have achieved so far to our customers by creating a flexible working environment by considering these services and products as our own business. We have adopted the principle of lifting the boundaries.

What exactly does Helmex do?

"Helmex is a transparent company that has reached a wide supply network with its past experiences.

Helmex delivers a single product to its customers in full container or partial according to the demands of its customers. In addition, the most important feature that makes us stand out is that we can collect many different products requested by our customers in a single delivery and deliver them to you as containers or partial.

In this way, instead of making large purchases from a single product, we ensure that they can purchase a lot of products without keeping stocks.

When creating our supply network, we select the full range of our manufacturers from the companies that can fulfill all kinds of certificates and food compliance requirements."